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What’s Your Escape?

escapeAfter a long harsh day of facing reality, what do you do to escape?

  • Maybe you stop by the gas station on the way home for a six pack of Heineken.
  • Maybe you shop.
  • Maybe you smoke a little pot on the back porch just to get the edge off.
  • Maybe you eat, and eat, and eat.
  • Maybe you zone out in front of the computer cyberstalking people on Facebook.
  • Maybe you go for a walk.
  • Maybe you hit the gym.
  • Maybe you zone out in front of the TV.
  • Maybe you sneak off to the casino for a quick fix.

Whatever escape you use… It serves a purpose… It helps you to deal with an uncomfortable feeling.  That feeling may be stress, anxiety, depression, boredom or fear.  Your particular escape may not be the healthiest solution in the world, but its worked in the past so why change it.

Why do you escape?  Avoidance.

Avoidance is something you do in order to postpone dealing with a problem in your life. Its one thing to have a beer or spend a couple hours playing Xbox after a tough day at work. It’s another thing entirely to escape in order to avoid dealing with reality.

There’s no shortage of things we want to avoid.

  • Our financial situation.
  • A meaningless job.
  • A chaotic marriage.
  • The shame you feel for something that you did in the past or something that was done to you.

When your escapes cross over into the realm of addiction, you start feeling ashamed about what you are doing, and that’s when the cycle begins. The cycle goes like this: You slip.  You resolve to do better. You try harder. You fail. You feel guilty and ashamed. Make more promises. Wash, Rinse and repeat.

And only you know in your heart of hearts that what you are doing to escape is driving a wedge between you and the kind of life that you really long for.

Listen – the best way to escape a problem is to deal with the problem.  Medicating it by using an escape just delays the feelings, because, when you get sober or turn off the computer or stop eating, the problem is still staring you right in the face. In fact, you probably have made it worse because now you feel guilty for using your escape.

Having an escape that becomes an addiction isn’t a death sentence.

Your escape has given you the opportunity to deal with your emotions in the best way you could figure out at the time.  Learning to address your feelings without using an escape  is a potential opportunity to change your life forever. Most people sleepwalk through life and never really think about who they are or what they want, and then, one day, they wake up and wonder why they aren’t happy.  Sometimes overcoming an addiction helps us to find an inner peace and tranquility that many people never reach.  Ironic isn’t it, that escaping, escaping, can change your life forever.

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