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Jeff MinerWhat Jeff Does…

Many times during the course of being out in public, I am asked, “What is it that you do, exactly… in that room?” It can be a question of innocence or perhaps what I do with clients seems a bit like magic to those who do not have some experience in working with a coach or counselor. But at the end of the day, what I like to think I do, exactly is help others find:

I help the individual drill down to the reason confidence is lacking, then hold him/her accountable to a routine that boosts confidence. This is different for each person but might include accountability, afformations, self talk, practice and personal view of healthy competition. I provide a safe place for each client to discover the root reason confidence is lacking, then rebuild through a variety of methods tailored to each individual (examples might include afformations, self-talk and practice).

Focus: I use techniques that professional athletes use to Get Into the Zone” to help you compete what you start.
By working through a series of exercises, Jeff helps each client define their true purpose in life, and from purpose flows focus. Much like athletes put on blinders to “Get Into the Zone” when competing, I teache clients how to quiet the distractions and allow focus to take over.

There is a difference between encouragement and accountability, and I know that difference. Accountability requires fierce conversations, tough love and true honesty. I respect my clients enough to take off the kid gloves and hold them accountable to their words. Unlike many ‘life coaches’ I am a licensed therapist. Sometimes there are true issues that hold us back— and I can help you identify those issues and push past them to true success.

Reduced stress:
Perspective and balance are qualities I strive for in my own life and I impart to each client. Knowing that life is not only work, I focus on the whole person. Integrating each part of life and making them work together is a start to reducing stress and leading a full life.

I truely enjoy helping others, and my talent and the gifts that I have been given allow me a great deal of enjoyment on a daily basis.

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