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What is Your Value?

What is Your Value?

At first impression, what value do you or your company possess? Do people walk away feeling the value that is most important to you? Does your team or group have values that resonate with yours and the company’s?  In a team meeting not to long ago, I had everyone on our team identify their #1 personal value. This a great team building exercise to promote openness within the group. It is also helpful in building and supporting your group’s primary value statement.

Here are the questions we answered, if you would like to do this exercise with your group:

1.  What is your value?
2.  Is it a value you possess or see in everyone around you?
3.  How do you deliver it to your family, friends and co-workers?
(If you need a list of values, click here.)

Several of our team members could not think of only one. So I asked, “What is the one value you bring to the team and the company as a gift?”. I was honored and proud to hear our team’s individual responses of:  fun, community, connection, making a difference, flow and love.

If you have time to do a follow up, then look at what pushes your values away and follow with this exercise:  When we get really stressed, we start to lose sight of the value that is most important to us.
1.  What is a trigger or stress that pushes your value away? (Some people would call these your “buttons” or “pet peeves”.)
2.  What does that look like, and what can you do to get back to your value?
3.  Do you need help from those around you? If so, what do you need?

Discuss and you will truly feel a sense of openness with your group!

So what is your value? We would love to hear it!  Give us a call: (816)237-1820, facebook or email



  1. Paula and Randy
    Paula and Randy11-15-2012

    Jaime and Chase, Thank you, thank you, thank you for the spectacular phhpogratos! We will always have the treasured memories of Abbie and Stephen’s special day thanks to your beautiful photography. It was a joy to have you with us to capture the moments .not at all in a staged manner but simply using the camera to observe the beauty of people, places, and love as it unfolded. I cannot imagine a more perfect fit. You both worked quietly to capture the love and blessings all around and ensure that we have a picture story to cherish. Blessings to you both and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Much love, Paula and Randy