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Welcome To The Men’s Room

I’ve been working with men and the issues they face each and every day. I enjoy the work I do with other guys so much I decided it was time to focus my counseling and coaching practice on men and their issues.

From relationships and parenting to sex & pornography addictions to stress at work to anger management to health and well being – If you’re a guy and there are areas of your life you’d like to improve, I can help.

A little about me, Dan Gabbert, the Men’s Counselor in Kansas City. I graduated undergraduate in 1986 and entered corporate America. I thought I had it made! It wasn’t long and I realized that the world of cubicles and hierarchies was not for me.  I tried several positions within the large corporation I’d joined but didn’t find anything that excited me.

I took a job in outside sales with Texas Instruments and loved the variability, flexibility, problem solving and, above all, the people I was working with and for. This was the first time in my career where I interacted with different people across different walks of life from all over the country (and the world, for that matter!)  I knew there was no going back to a cubicle!

I spent several years with IBM in a sales role but realized I wanted to have a bigger impact. I entered management and loved the responsibility, the people, the challenges and the developmental aspect of the position. Too much travel caused me to take stock of my life and I left IBM and, after over 130 hours of training as a coach, I opened my business as a life / executive coach.

I decided I wanted to give more than coaching could offer to my clients, and returned to college to complete a Master’s degree in counseling psychology. I now have a practice that incorporates my experiences, coaching, counseling, 20+ years of marriage, 19 years of parenting and the many other aspects of my life and experience. It’s taken my life’s journey to get me to where I am now – in a great place in life, helping guys get what they want out of life, thriving in my current role and success.

I enjoy working with men and the challenges we face. If it’s addiction, relationship problems, parenting, anger management, or a number of other issues you can rest assured we’ll figure it out. I’ll be direct, pull you out of your comfort zone, push you to new heights, challenge you to live life with intention and purpose.

I look forward to helping in any way I can.

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    • John

      As a lover of business and enepurrtneership I am all for starting your own thing ! It takes extreme work, dedication and talent but if you feel your ideas and business plan is that superior, than more power to you! Being self-employed and the leader of your own business would open up many doors to freedom of expression and coaching style. However, it is a tough thing to do, financially, legally and individually it is a very testing process. It may be a safer bet to start looking for work throughout your post secondary schooling, and continue to develop your own ideas and plan as you gain the knowledge and experience to create your own successful company one day ! I’d like to hear how this pans out, and even support you in such a drive ! All the best .