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Using Body Language

What is the importance of knowing body language?

Communication is broken down in 3 main ways.

  1. Words -7%
  2. Tone / Intonation -38%
  3. Body Language – 55%

Which means 93% of communication is communicated without using any actual words!!!

With this information it is easy to see that it’s not what you say; it’s what you don’t say.


  • A slouch portrays lack of interest or enthusiasm.
  • Standing straight with shoulders back makes you look confident and relaxed.
  • Leaning forward during a conversation lets the other person know that you are paying attention.
  • Pointing your toes in the general direction of the person you are talking with puts your body in the perfect position to let them know that you are listening.

Hand gestures: certain hand gestures demonstrate trust.

  • Palm up shows nothing to hide, honesty, caring.  Same as with a dog.  Open palm means come over and I won’t hurt you.  I just want to be friends.
  • Palm down demonstrates that you have something to hide.
  • Never put your hands in your pockets when networking.
  • Palms under your arm pits usually displays not interested.
  • When you touch your palm to your heart it sends the message that you are serious and genuine.

Body language signals to look for in others::

  • Crossing their arms during your discussion.
  • Not smiling
  • Furrowed brow
  • Tapping fingers
  • Easily distracted.
  • Poor or no eye contact
  • Touching their face often or covering their mouth.
  • Playing with their hair.

Tips to persuade using body language:

Get the customer to nod in agreement on three or four points.  You do this by nodding when you are talking to them.

An example of this is:

  • Have you gotten anything out of this workshop? (nod while getting them to respond)
  • Do you feel like you can use this in your business? (nod)
  • Do you think your sales could increase when you use these techniques? (nod)
  • Would you agree that attending the second series in the workshop   would be beneficial for you? (nod)

Nuerolingustic patterning:

The yes, yes,  principle.

  • If you can get a prospect to say yes to two or three of your questions, the odds dramatically go up that he/she will say yes on the last question you ask.
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