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Types of Coaching to Help Your Business

There are several areas a Business Coach can focus on during your sessions, including Leadership, Sales, Transformation and Transitions. New entrepreneurs may benefit much from Transition Coaching while seasoned professionals may be looking to get ahead of the pack with new skills in the area of sales.Your coach will focus on the specific areas you want to improve.

Leadership Coaching.The focus is on developing the management and leadership skills of an organizations high potential talent.  The main goal is to teach leadership skills and how to motivate employees to perform at peak performance.

Sales Coaching. Designed to teach individuals or companies sales skills. This coaching is more instructive in nature and sessions are often done in group settings.

Intra-personal Business Coach or Transformational Coaching is more personal or intimate in its approach. It specifically analyzes those aspects of the trainees’ behavior which hinder their effective performance. This includes overcoming fears (success, failure, speaking, attitude or personal challenges. A Licensed Counselor is key in this type of coaching.

Transition Coaching. Assisting individuals with life’s transitions. This would include individuals leaving jobs, changing jobs, divorce, starting a new business, or re-entering the workplace.