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Traits Of A Well Coached Organization – Part 2

This is part 2 of my research into cultures that set companies apart from each other.

*Teams are motivated and you don’t have to coach effort
As an administrator, educator or manager is imperative that time is used wisely. When your team is ready and eager to learn, the success rate improves and you don’t waste time. Coaching improvement always comes easier when the student believes the old Confucius saying. “When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.”

*Teams have genuine enthusiasm
When people know what is expected of them it is much easier for them to be enthusiastic and passionate about their responsibilities. An organizational leader’s vision helps encourage this enthusiasm. It is stated in the bible, “without a vision, people perish.” Specific standards help the team take this one step further. A team with a vision is more disciplined, determined and tends to be self starters.
As Ralph Waldo Emerson so aptly stated, “nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Two companies that fit this model are PPR Healthcare Staffing and Southwest Airlines. PPR was voted as one of the best small companies to work for in the Southeast. The achievement was made possible by CEO Dwight Cooper who believes that his job is to set the environment. Whether it is a fitness boot
camp, yoga or thank you Thursdays all the employees know that they are part of a family. Family is one way to name the working relationships fostered by Southwest Airlines. The former CEO Herb Kelleher set the tone by treating each employee as if they were his kin. His attitude and irreverence for protocol permeated the entire company. Every time I fly with Southwest I always ask the employees if it is a great place to work and I have never received even the slightest hesitation followed by a hearty affirmation.

*Players have positive body language
Walk into any classroom or meeting and you can tell immediately who is listening and who is not. Facial expressions and posture can be a clear indicator. Venture into a movie theater or the classroom of an expert teacher and you will see the audience’s eyes riveted and their bodies up at attention. The same is true for a meeting that is purposeful and conducted by an inspirational leader.

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