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Triumph Over Emotional Eating


Have you ever made room for dessert, even though you were already full?  Ever dove into a pint (quart) of ice cream when you are feeling down?  Then you have experienced “Emotional Eating”, which is using food to make you feel better, rather than to nourish.This weekly program, which meets for eight weeks, is facilitated with all materials included and will be held in a nurturing environment.  Each week will focus on one of the essential elements to your success.  You will learn the real reasons you use eating as an escape, and how your friends & family can help, or harm your journey.  Ultimately all the secrets are revealed!Join a group of others facing the exact same feelings, and learn from an expert in the field.  Jeff Miner was able to teach Olympic athletes to use food for the fuel it is supposed to be rather than as a comfort for the distress that being an Olympian demands of them.



Group meets every Wednesday, for cycles of 8 weekly sessions!


$70, per session, paid in advance or $80, per session, at the door.  Cost of materials in addition.


Nothing By Chance, LLC8080 Ward Parkway, Suite 405Kansas City, MO 64114


What you can expect:

  • The best information on the subject
  • Expert facilitation
  • A safe, and healthy environment
  • To be surrounded by others facing the same challenges who are equally committed to winning!

Triumph Over Emotional Eating

is facilitated by

NBC Coach Jeff Miner

who has worked with U.S. Olympians, and can certainly help you.  He will do it, by helping you understand, and thus overcome the handcuffs that food has over you in your life today!


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