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The Power of Not Saying, “No”

Power-631Have you ever noticed that a two-year-old’s favorite word is “No!”? It’s probably because it’s the word they most often hear. Parents say “no,” to their children to warn them of danger, to keep them out of mischief and to help them learn boundaries necessary for one day becoming an upstanding citizen. But there are other ways to say the same thing.

After hearing “No!” so many times, it begins to lose its effectiveness, not to mention that the young child begins to say it back to the parent. In order to keep “No” a powerful word, get creative with how you say it, without ever having to say “No.”

Try some of these phrases instead:

  • I don’t know about that!
  • Maybe next time.
  • Would you rather do _____ or _____?
  • Let’s not touch/do that!
  • That’s not safe!
  • Let’s have quiet hands/feet.

You have to phrase statements in a way that works for you. With statements such as these, you will find less resistance. After all, don’t you feel a bit rebellious when someone tells you “No”?

At Nothing By Chance, you will learn ways to get creative with your kids while keeping your own parenting style. You will find ways to parent that reduce household tension. Call today and reserve your seat in the next parenting class!

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