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The Nothing By Chance™ Difference

Being in the business coaching business I often get asked “what makes Nothing by Chance™ coaches, different from other coaches”. I had been pondering that question for 3 years. Unknown to me, the answer that took me three years to figure out was staring me in the face. Not just staring me in the face but slapping me in the face.

NOTHING BY CHANCE. That’s it. The name picked me, I didn’t pick it. When I started my business coaching business I choose that name because I thought it sounded cool. I thought people could relate to it and I thought it left enough room for each person to form their own interpretation. What I have come to realize over the past three years is that success happens to people because they choose to make it happen. It’s not an accident or a coincident. Success is a choice!

Success is a choice!

When a person finally realizes that they are completely responsible for where they are in life they then, and only then, have the power to make changes. If you are unhappy with you current income and you are blaming your boss, the company or even the economy you have given away your power to improve yourself. You can’t, its there fault why you are in this situation.

Wait, wasn’t it you that made the decisions to stay at your job, to wait for the bosses to notice you, to only put in the effort or hours needed to just get by. Who is responsible? Please, say you are responsible for where you currently are or to stop reading this article right now because, Success is a Choice, you are doing something in your life that is holding you back if you haven’t reached the level of success you want.

What is holding you back?

The basic philosophy at Nothing by Chance™ is, “whatever you pay attention to is what you will get more of”. We have all been on a journey, it’s a unique journey that is only relevant to us, no one else. It’s called, “life”. Each person’s experiences are uniquely their own. The other day I was working with a gentleman that said that he has always wanted to write a book but he has nothing to say that hasn’t already been said. We talked about all the different experiences and different combination of events that have happened in his life. He is decided to write his story. His journey is uniquely his own. How he tells it and what he has learned along the way makes it completely different than anyone else’s.

Working with so many people I have been fortunate and honored to join thousands of people on their journeys. What I have found is that we all have something that has occurred on our journey that is holding us back. It could be an unresolved issue, a fear of rejection, a fear of letting others down or doubt in our abilities based on failing at something in the past. It could even be something as basic as a fear of people not liking us. Allowing fear to control or destiny is a sad excuse for not achieving our dreams.

Fear is a four letter word!

F… that! When I started my business I knew that I had some area’s of my life that could be detrimental when it came to running my business. I was afraid to speak in public, I couldn’t use quick books, I hated asking people for money and I didn’t want to believe that I would have to market myself or my business. These fears were legitimate but I still thought I could pull it off by doing more of what I did like and what I knew I was really good at. I did everything I could do to avoid situations that required me to speak in public, ask people for their business or their money. My business failed. I had very few appointments, no money coming in and very little hope for the future. Luckily, I had some very loving and caring people that were able to be honest with me and tell me it was time to face my fears. That is when I got my own business coach.

I was talking with a client the other day and he illustrated this point in a way that made it crystal clear. He told me that he had a fear of heights but it really wasn’t affecting him or his business. As we talked he went on to tell me that he could not fly anywhere for business trips and this has lost him some large accounts. He went on to say that he has never flown to a training or even on a vacation with his family. He said that he has always wanted to go skiing but he couldn’t ride the chair lift up and his children have wanted him to go on roller coasters but he never could. Who would have thought that a “small” fear of heights could have affected his life in so many ways.

Just think about how we adjust our lives to get around our fears. We all do it. Some fears are very obvious and some are well hidden but they all take a toll on our happiness. To be successful we need to stop, take a good hard look at ourselves and address the fears head on. It’s a lot easier than you might think and the results are definitely worth it.

What others think is none of my Concern

When I sit in with my clients and listen to all the challenges they are facing one common theme continues to show itself. Oddly enough it is the same challenge that has held me back most of my life. I guess that qualifies me as an expert on the topic. I have a disease that can greatly affects my “greatness, success and my happiness”. It’s called; the chronic pleasers syndrome. Most of my younger life I spent all my time and energy trying to make sure that everybody liked me. I have been the class clown, made fun of other people, told lies, enhanced experiences and even gave up things that make me happy just so others will be like me. Or, at least that is what I thought. The more I see this pleaser syndrome in others the more I realize how it has affects me. I have learned through the school of hard knocks that it’s impossible battle to win. You can’t please others because you don’t know their journey. And, if the truth be told, people don’t want to be pleased, they want to achieve! The more I see others step from the role of pleaser to achiever the more I see how their greatness has been bottled just waiting to come out. I heard a saying the other day that caught my attention. 25% of people in the world aren’t going to like you no matter what you do, 25% of the people are so self centered that they are not even aware that you are alive, 25% of the people you meet may like you if you work really, really hard, and 25% that are going to like you no matter what. So why are you trying so hard to please others? You, being you, is enough.

What is the Answer?

When asked the question “what makes Nothing by Chance™ different than other coaches” I have come to realize that we have found the answer, the trick, the secret, the one thing in the world that guarantees success no matter what obstacles are in your way . We’ve got it! Small changes produce great results. If you add 3-4 small commitments to your daily routine you can guarantee your success. You can’t be afraid to commit to these changes and you can’t worry about what anyone else thinks. It has to completely for and about you.

At this point, you are probably wondering, what is it? What do I need to add to my daily routine to insure happiness? Well, here it is. Are you ready? Can you handle it? Ok, here it is….

  • Take responsibility for your success and your failures.
  • Address the fears that are holding you back.
  • Decide to change for yourself.
  • Believe 100% in your decision.
  • Get someone to assist you along your journey.

Because of each persons journey, everyone needs to identify their own 3-4 things they need to do. Sorry, there is no magic answer. But there are magical results, if you are willing to look inside and commit to making changes.

Nothing By Chance™. Things happen for a reason. Make things happen for you!