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The Bottom Line

Bottom LineThere does not appear to be an end to sources for advice.

After I cleaned up from mowing the lawn the other day, a man knocked on my door with advice on how to rid my lawn of moles.

After the sermon on beginning transformation from where the person is, the explosions in Boston froze my thoughts on where I want the bomber and it is not a church-like transformation that I have in mind.

For tax issues, I can see a CPA.

For pain or illness, I can see a medical doctor/chiropractor/dentist/acupuncturist.

For car repair, I can see a mechanic.

The lawn service will tell me how to stop the brown spots and the horticulturist will tell me the plants that will be hearty and the right shape and the right color at the correct time of the year.

The butcher provides great cuts of meat for my special guests and huge bones for my dog.

It took a while but, finally, there was someone who not only had advice but was willing to repair the crack in my living room ceiling.

It seems that advice is available for any issue I encounter as long as I’m willing and able to pay for it. Now, there are some things for which I choose to not pay. Living with the “problem” or taking the time to find the answer myself are sometimes preferred options. (But not too often, because my time is valuable and I have low tolerance for first time results. I’m also cheap. I’d rather spend my precious resources on fun, or kids and grandkids, or clothes, or apps, or almost anything that takes me beyond the expected norm. I expect my world to be in order and without pain. Normal seldom is like that, but I’m very good at self-delusion.) But, I digress…

With advice so plentiful, what is the bottom line for all these people who have established a business? Money will be received by the business that provides someone with something that is wanted. Some would say that the bottom line is the same as it always has been.

And I agree. It has always been about the service the consumer perceives. People gladly return to the business that previously has served them well.

Others, and perhaps this group is larger, operate as though the bottom line is profit. Nonsense! These businesses must spend ever increasing amounts on attracting new customers because those not served well will take their money to another business. This applies to “internal customers”, too. Internal customers are also known as employees and co-workers. They will collect a paycheck until the day comes when another business will provide them with pay and, better serve their dream.


The Nothing By Chance bottom line is serving you. We are not successful until you are. Have a dream? NBCC will support its attainment.

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