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Stretch Your Muscles…

When was the last time you stretched yourself, and I mean really put in the full day?  Not like at the end of the day when you tell the spouse, the kids, or even that sometime annoying neighbor on the other side of the fence (as an aside, if you do not have an annoying neighbor on the other side of the fence, then it is you), “Yeah, I had a bear of a day today”.

No, I mean when you really felt it.  When you got home, you had to just ‘veg’ in front of the television for awhile, or pour back a cold one, or heaven forbid something even stronger.  When was the last time you knew, I mean REALLY knew, you left it ‘all out on the field’ that day?  My guess is, it has been a bit farther back than you care to admit.

Why is that the case?  Do we sometimes forget why we are doing this?  Do we overlook how important what we do matters?

Try, today, this very moment to focus on a reason why you do what you do.  Maybe it is your business, and you want to succeed, or you work for someone… that part does not determine why.   Here are a few I use when I feel a lull in the fuel cell:

  • My wife.  I want her to always see me, as someone who delivers the very best.
  • My children.  They will have a better life, if I do this well, and am rewarded for it.  I also want them to think of me as someone who walked the walk.
  • My parents.  I owe it to them to give my very best, and to make them proud.
  • My spiritual beliefs.  I am not trying to get you to change your beliefs here, but whatever you believe, I suspect a component of that system is that doing good is positive, right?
  • My wallet.  If I want that new, “whatever”, I have to earn it.
  • Lastly, myself.  To me, what I see in the mirror, matters.  To know I gave it all I had, is the best feeling in the world, for me.

See if that can help you get what you most want, and remember that stretch you feel today is just your body’s way of telling you that you grew a bit… for the future.

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