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Spring is a great time for TEAM!

teambuilder1Who do you have on your team? Some of us grew up playing sports, individual or team based. Have you ever stopped and looked at how that is playing into their personalities in the business world? How do they work with others? Sometimes you will see team sports people “playing well with others” in business today. But also, often we see individuals who participated in individual sports, or people who didn’t participate in sports at all, struggling to keep the best interest of the team in mind.  In team sports, communication is key.  What do you do to keep the lines of communication open and flowing in your organization?

John Maxwell wrote an article on “The Miracle of Teamwork“, where he identifies just how important building the team is.  He admits it took him 40 years to value the importance of putting time and energy into building the team.  Now he realizes that you accomplish much more when you work together as a team.  But you have to develop the team to reach success together.  He now puts more time and energy into growing his team than anything else.  He says, his team makes him better than he is alone.

“Utilize the strengths of a great team and you’ll achieve more than you ever imagined possible.”

~ John Maxwell

jody-minerIs your team needing a lift?  Let us do a TEAM Initiative Day with your team!  Great for promoting better communication, and motivation.  You will be amazed at how much even a half day will benefit your team.  To learn more, click here!  Want to learn a bit about our CEO, Jody Miner?  Click on her picture!