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Power Is: Now Get Over It

Parable of the tribesParable of the Tribes leads beyond guilt – no gain in punishing ourselves with guilt over misshapen past.

If blame must be fixed, then the only alternative to guilt is hostility; the commonness of our problems doesn’t assure cooperation. Nonetheless, promoting our shared humanity increases our capacity to act for the common good.

The world’s complexity has obscured our view of things whole…The idea that “in unity is strength” is seized upon by the selection for power, but that principle can also be employed to empower humanity to overcome its bondage to power.

Liberate the individual human spirit. First, by driving a wedge between us and our systems…to utilize the channels is not to let them determine the course. Second, for people to have the vision to chart a course against the current, they must discover the compass that lies within.

We need to discover a harmonizing integration between the sacred energies we bring forth with us from our Source and the indispensable tools we have developed upon our journey. The long and tortuous path we have traveled makes the building of these bridges a difficult task.

We have the opportunity to power. We can seek independence and perpetuate our dependence under power’s reign.  Some, through comment or question or vote, may commit an act of power.

We have the opportunity to become more interdependent. We can seek system improvement.  Some, through comment or question or vote, may act to encourage interdependence.

We have the opportunity to enliven community. We can seek to honor what we have in common.  Some, through comment or question or vote, will act to give life.

In the formulation of strategies to enliven community each of us will push power or encourage interdependence.

Nothing By Chance Coaching supports this simple, but not easy, concept as you take power to new achievement and greater effectiveness.

Parable of the Tribes, Andrew Bard Schmookler, 1984