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Parenting in the Summertime

Summer FamilySchool’s out and you find that your children are fussy, defiant or lethargic. You wonder how you will make it through the summer without having World War III. You are not alone.

Children have a full day of structure and routine planned during the school year, from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed. Once school is out, children, and their parents too, tend to be more lax about the structure. Children may go to bed and wake up later than usual, and they may not be eating at regular times. One of the best things that you as a parent can do to curb those less than desirable behaviors is to maintain structure and routine.

Plan a daily or weekly schedule, with at least one activity or outing, which will give your children something to look forward to. It will also help to break up the day.

Asking your kids to help with the plan is a good way to get them more invested too. Read next week’s article on tips for summer fun to help plan your days. You can also sign up for our Parent Support and Learning group to learn techniques in dealing with those less than desirable behaviors. Call now (816-237-1820) to reserve your seat. At Nothing By Chance, we want you and your family to succeed.

Summer Fun

In the summer, it’s important to have activities or outings lined up for your children to do. It gives them something to look forward to, and provides the much needed structure that children crave (even if they won’t admit to it). Be creative, after all, you know your child best. Here are a few starter ideas:

  • Plan some art or craft time. Make pictures, use self-hardening clay to create sculptures or make macaroni art. This will help build your child’s self-esteem when they see the final product.
  • Visit Crown Center and Union Station. You can walk around, go to Kaleidoscope, or watch the trains from the bridge. It’s air conditioned and most of it is free!
  • Plant a garden with your children, even if only in a few decorated pots. Learn about how it works and watch the garden and their wonder grow!
  • Go for a hike in the woods. Many of the local parks have hiking trails.
  • Take your children to the playground. Children need to burn off some energy.
  • Make an obstacle course in your backyard. Time their completion of it.

My list is far longer than that, with some items just for moms and some just for dads. At Nothing By Chance, we will help you and your family be successful and happy. Sometimes, we all need a little help to get back on track.


Tracy Fox, is the newest member of the Nothing By Chance TEAM, and is focused on Parents and their children.  You can take advantage of this new (as evidenced above, valuable) resource now in her new Parent Support and Learning Group! To learn more, click here, to learn more about Tracy, click on her picture.