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Overcoming The Internal Demons

Do you have a little voice in your head that challenges what you do and believe about yourself? This voice is called our internal demon and it destroys confidence. Internal demons or “negative self talk”, as some people refer to it, is the essence of fear and doubt. It keeps you from playing your best and reaching your potential and if allowed to continue, can cause you to lose interest in your life all together. After all, who wants to participate in some-thing that makes you feel bad about yourself?

Some people start the negative self talk before they even start their task. Most people’s demons start talking after they make their first mistake. It is a very common problem that all people experience at some point in their career. After they make a mistake or get embarrassed in front of others they begin to hear the familiar:

  • “You are a choker.”
  • “I can’t do this.”
  • “Why do I always screw up.” or the familiar
  • “I am so stupid.”

The first step in overcoming the internal demons is to become aware of them. Many times people don’t even know their demons are there. They just have a feeling of doubt and they are often angry with their accomplishments. Be aware that the demons have a  subtle way of infiltrating your thoughts and affecting your confidence.

Once you have recognized them, the next step is to counter the negative self talk with thoughts that will lead to better outcomes. These positive thoughts are called your mental gallery. They bring you up and support you when you are being challenged by the demons.

Your mental gallery is a set list of affirmations or positive self talk that you have created. These positive statements make you feel good
about you and build your confidence; even when the demons have found their way in. Some example of affirmations that many people use are:

  • “I can do this.”
  • “I have accomplished this a thousand times before.”
  • “I will try until I succeed.”
  • “I am focused and relaxed.”