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Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Have you heard this phrase?  I think it means let your inner being out.  Let others know what makes you special and unique.

In the Embrace Your Freakness Experience last month, we created our very own Freak Flags…and then let them fly.  Each of the 29 people created their very own Freak Flag.  On their flag was their Driving Force (what gets you out of bed in the morning, what drives you to do what you do) along with their 3 values/beliefs.

FlagFlyIt was so powerful to see people determine what their Driving Force is and how to use that force to help them lead more fulfilling, joyful and prosperous lives.  Add to that their values and beliefs and how these values guide their lives, their decisions, what they do and what they don’t do.  To have that where it is purposeful and printed so you can see it every day.  Keep it in front of you and it becomes more and more powerful!

As I saw the participants in the experience realize their Freakness, I saw them become more confident, happier and more joyous.  I saw body posture change. I saw no expression faces become smiles.  I saw and heard people have realizations that will impact the rest of their lives….positively.  I saw people transform in front of my very eyes.  It was the most incredible experience, I am thankful I got to experience this with these trailblazers.

What is your Freak Flag?  Where can you fly it?  What is it that makes you unique and remarkable?  Do you know?  Have you ever said it aloud?  Have you ever said it to someone else?  Do you use your Freakness as the center of your life to create the life for which you were designed?  Do you know others who seem lost, or unhappy, or unfulfilled?  Perhaps they need to discover and then embrace their Freakness!

We will be offering another Embrace Your Freakness Experience in Kansas City on November 1st or the 9th!!!

We would love to have you and your friends come and discover your Freakness and then let your Freak Flag Fly!