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Keeping Up…

Keeping-up-with-the-JonesesHave you ever done the “keeping up with the Joneses” game? You know the gig – you see someone else and they have something you want – the car, job, family, wife, girlfriend, friends, body, etc. Maybe you start thinking things like “That lucky SOB” or “Man, that’s what I want/deserve” or “What’s the big deal? I could have that if I really wanted it”

But let’s be honest for a second – it’s really not about the other guy. I believe it’s about a couple things – the first is YOU and your drive and passion for your goals and creating YOUR best life and, second, it’s about being happy with what you have, not always longing for something else.

Life is fair. We get from life exactly what we put into it. Your marriage not going so great? Take stock and ask what you’re doing to make it better. Are you attentive to your spouse, are you “all in” or do you wonder what it would be like with someone else?

Life is fair. The other guy gets exactly what he deserves. So do you. You might say “Yeah, but he got the better job because he went to a better college.” That may be true, but he worked to get into that “better college,” and to make the connections to get the interview, and to hone the skills to get the job once he got the interview….

The bottom line is this – It makes no sense to compare my life to your’s or your’s to someone else’s. Take an honest look at your life. If you’re happy with what you have, celebrate and be grateful. If you want something different, start today – right now – working towards what it is that you want.

Finding happiness is not a competition to be won when you “have” more or “are” more than the other guy. Happiness is knowing that your life is exactly where it is meant to be and you’ve created it.