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Is Your Life Out of Alignment?

What is your alignment strategy?  Alignment is when you get in sync with other people and organizations whose values/beliefs and driving force (together these are your Freakness) match or are similar to yours.

Think about places you love to frequent.  Why do you go to Starbucks?  Why not Seattle’s Best Coffee or McDonald’s?  Why did you buy an iPhone, not a Droid or Galaxy II?  We make decisions to purchase things that are congruent with how we feel about ourselves. Our beliefs drive our actions. If you feel like you are cool, you probably do Apple.  If you are frugal, you probably do McDonald’s.  If service is important, you probably do Nordstroms.

Confused, young businessman looking at many arrows pointed in diWe naturally align ourselves with various organizations, subconsciously.  If we feel like that organization fits what we stand for, or what we WANT to stand for, then it feels good to do business with that organization.  Same with people.  We tend to hang out with people who are like us or people who we want to be like….we think.

Why not do this on purpose?  Determine what your core values/beliefs truly are.

Take some time to write out 25 habits and behaviors you do regularly.  We’re talking everyday stuff both positive and negative.  Then to the right of those actions, list the belief that drives that action. Often, our behaviors speak to beliefs that are either out-dated or plain unhealthy.  Now that you are aware, what do you want to do about it?

If you have beliefs you want to change, the Embrace Your Freakness Experience is for you.  It is a one day workshop that helps you to purposefully decide what your Freakness is (your driving force combined with your values and beliefs).  It will help you to determine where you want to go in life and with whom to take the journey.  You will leave knowing who you are and what it is you stand for, what you represent.  It will give you direction, confidence and defined purpose.

Register today.

Know your Freakness, get aligned.  Now go and change the world.