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How Does Business Coaching Work?

Everyone’s life experience is different. This leads to different ways of thinking, acting and overall dealing with situations as they arise. It makes coaching of any type an evolving process. The more your Coach gets to know you, the coaching they can do improves. However, the general process can be explained in stages.

A typical set of stages could look like this for an external business coaching program:

Step 1: Contracting or Intake Stage.

Meetings typically occur between the client, coaches and the coach to discuss business coaching services and to define the strategic business context.

Step 2: Information Gathering and Debriefing Stage.

Appropriate business and organizational information is first gathered and reviewed by the coach.

Step 3: Planning and Active Coaching Stage.

Equipped with powerful baseline data from these information gathering stages and assessments, the business coach and coaches can now diagnose intelligently what needs to be done—at least in broadest terms—to work towards the establishment of significant goals and an action-results development plan.

Step 4: Evaluation of progress and effectiveness of Coaching.

An evaluation of the progress and the business coach is also conducted.

Step 5: Follow-up Coaching Stage.

In the final sessions, the business coach and coaches discuss how to continue the success.