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How Do I Find a “Credible” Business Coach?

There are a number of ways to find business coaches: Internet, coaching associations and personal referrals. I recommend that you interview several business coaches to find the right match for you. Finding the right business coach is very important to the final outcome. No one coach is right for everybody. Be selective!
Some Suggested Interview Questions to use when hiring a coach:
1.What is your background in business?
2.What is your background in coaching?
3.Why did you decide to become a business coach?
4.What credentials do you have in coaching or other related fields?
5.What is your general philosophy of and approach to business coaching?
6.What is your personal coaching style?
7.How do you continue to develop yourself as a coach?
8.Do you have now, or have you worked with, your own business or other type of coach?
9.What kind(s) of clients you do work best with?
10.What kind(s) of business issues do you work best with?
11.How are you different from or similar to other coaches?
12.My personal/business issue or challenge involves ____________; how have you assisted others with this kind of issue or challenge?
13.How will I know if I’m ready for business coaching?
14.How do you give feedback? Could you provide me with some feedback about what you’ve heard and observed about me so far?
15.How do you conduct your coaching sessions? In-person, telephone, email, combination, etc.
16.How do we determine the appropriate frequency and duration of sessions; length of coaching program?
17.What are your rates?
18.What are the terms of your contract for coaching services?
19.Do you belong to any professional coaching associations?
20.Do these associations have a code of ethics?
21.What else do I need to know to make an informed decision?
22.Could you work with me? How did you determine this?

Additional Tips:
1.Look for the right “fit.” It makes no difference if the business coach works with a large coaching firm, or is a solo practitioner. As long as the prospective business coach can meet your coaching needs and at a price you can afford, you’re set.
2.Understand the differences between types of business coaches. People need coaches for different purposes. Know what you want or need and then pursue that type of coach.
3.Ask for at least five recent clients that you can contact. It’s important to know if your prospective business coach has satisfied clients.