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Fighting For Control

As the holidays were approaching, I was driving home at 8pm with my daughter when she says, “Mom, can I watch a movie when we get home?” I responded by telling her it was time for her to be in bed and there would not be time for her to watch a movie tonight. She then said, “I can watch a movie if I want to and you can’t tell me not to.”My response was then, “Excuse me?…When you get home you will go straight to bed!” Her: “Fine! I want to go to bed so I don’t have to be by you!” Me: (Felling tired and all of a sudden challenged, and completely lost with how to respond.) “Well then…maybe we’ll have to take away some toys!…And maybe some privileges’ too!” (I felt this intense need to punish, take away something and regain control of my child and the situation.)

Hopefully you have not been in a situation like this but the truth is so many of us have.We feel a sudden loss of control of a situation and a need to punish to regain control. Wouldn’t it be great if we could respond calmly, being in control of ourselves and ouremotions, and if our children never pushed our buttons?

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