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Escaping the Mundane at Work

mundaneDid you know that 99% of people are already doing what they think is best for themselves and their career?

Think about that for a second. There are 1% crazy, self-sabotaging people out there intentionally messing up their life and career. However, everyone else, and I am guessing you since you are reading this, are already doing what you think is in your best interests…

What does that mean?

Well, you got up at the time of day you thought was most appropriate for you to be successful. You got dress in the clothes you thought were most appropriate for the day. You ate the best breakfast you could think of. You took the best way to work… and so on and so on. With every tiny choice you make throughout the day, you are generally already choosing what you think is the best option for you.

Why do people fall into mundane and boring lives or careers?

The problem that arises is that it becomes very easy to fall into a predictable routine, and very difficult to change and grow, unless you do something to give you more options or more knowledge in order to make better choices.

Human beings are wired to create habits. It frees up our brain to do more important things. If we had to think about every step, breath, blink or word we spoke, then we wouldn’t have any conscience room left to think about deeper issues and more intelligent tasks. Almost anything can be turned into a habit. You drive to work become so routine that you space out and forget most of the drive. You eat the same things for lunch, check your email the same time of day, look at your phone when it vibrates or chirps. Then over time, most of your life becomes a habit and you unconsciously end up repeat the same behaviors and get the same amount of success that you have always gotten and expected. You fall into a comfort zone.

What can you do to escape the trap of your comfort zone?

In order to escape your comfort zone, you are going to have to change few things. To get what you have never gotten, you must do what you have never done. At Sandler Training Kansas City, we recommend looking at three areas: attitude, behavior, and technique.

You attitude and expectations is step one. Did you know you are earning exactly what you think you are worth? Think about it… if your income was suddenly cut in half, would you go look for another job? Are you aware that there are the exact same jobs available that pay more than you make right now? Chances are you haven’t even tried to get one of them. That means your income is within your comfort zone of expectation. As long as you make around what you believe you are worth, there is not enough pain to change or motivation to shoot higher!

Good news for you, you are the only one in control of your attitude and expectations for the level of success you want your income and life to be. You can decide to raise your comfort zone and shoot for better.  You can get excited, shake things up, and believe that you deserve all the success the world has to offer.

Once you do that, you are going to have to change your behavior. You are going to have to take action, change your habits, and break out of your comfort zone. People often make the mistake of measuring their results and trying to manage things outside of their control. Focusing on results is like try to drive by only looking in the rearview mirror. Results are byproduct of your habits and behavior over time. The success your are getting now is a result of the effort and habits you have been doing over your lifetime. In order to break out of your comfort zones, you have to set some goals, then focus on what habits you need to change or create in order to achieve them. Finally, you need the discipline, vitality and guts to take those actions and build those new habits!

Finally, it’s time to look at your technique. This is HOW you do things, or how good you are at it. Tons of research over the years has proven that talent, skills and techniques are largely overrated. Those people who succeed at the highest levels do have some talent, but basically there is just a minimum threshold. You only have to be so good in order to escape failure. The rest is a result of attitude, practice, and relentless pursuit of success, which allows you to learn, get better, and keep trying until you finally break through.

No matter what you do for living, there is something you could do to keep things fresh and to keep learning and growing. Remember, you are already doing what you think is best, so you are going to need to reach outside of yourself in order to improve your technique and skill. You can hire a coach, find a mentor, take a training class, read a book, get objective feedback from peers, study others who are more or less successful than you… The list is endless. The question is are you comfortable with the mundane habits you have now, or are you committed to shaking this up, trying new things, and continuing to grow?


This is a guest blog by Mike Montague, Associate and Certified Trainer at Sandler Training Kansas City. Sandler Training empowers their clients to achieve higher levels of success through innovative training courses in sales, management, and customer service for companies and individuals around the Kansas City area.  They work best with authentic individuals who are dedicated to lifelong learning.

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