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Escape from Escape’s Illusion

houdini-in-chains-nakesNext to the driveway of my childhood friend’s house lived one of the kindest gray haired ladies in our small Michigan town. On a delightful summer morning her large picture window overlooking that gravel depository became a source of inspiration. I blurted my 10-year old cognitive flash to my friend, “Look how close I can pitch this stone to Miss Epler’s window!” And I did – missed by less than an inch,- and I was flat on my stomach almost before the cracks in the glass stopped traveling across her picture window. This left my soon-to-be ex-friend standing amazed and the apparent perpetrator. I furthered the illusion of his guilt by escaping before Miss Epler could get to her front door. My Houdini impression impressed me so thoroughly that I was actually shocked when my Dad’s first act upon getting home from work was the command to march with him to Miss Epler’s house to deliver a sincere apology. The consequence of owning up to that kind lady was made greater when she tried to make me feel better! That escape was temporary. All attempts to escape from responsibility are temporary.

What is responsibility? What is escape not?

Covey says what responsibility is most plainly: The ability to respond! Seems simple enough; But it’s also profound and anything but easy.

Escape is not

Escape is

A destination A diversion
A solution An illusion
A cure Another disease
A place A placeholder
An answer A false positive
Recreative Repetitive busyness
Restorative Withering
Rest Exhausting
Meditation Numbing


How does one know the left column from the right column?

By the feedback one receives when the response is concluded. When a person responds to an unpleasant/uncomfortable/dangerous situation and the outcome of the response lacks positivity, renewal, growth and/or hope there has been an escape. On the other (left column) hand, a response that yields a positive soul, renewed energy, physical, spiritual or cognitive growth and/or a welcoming future there has been transformation.

Escape is moving away. Transformation is moving toward. How, and why, we respond makes all the difference!

Coaching is a feedback process. Nothing By Chance Coaches are experts in guiding you to your own understanding of whether you’re moving away or moving toward. Contact us for a no escape but free initial coaching. It will be transformative!

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