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Eating Disorder

ITTPG“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”  Buddha (c. 563 BC to 483 BC) – a spiritual teacher from ancient India who founded Buddhism.


Last weekend I was at a party. We were having fun and soon it was time to eat. We let the kids eat first. As the kids got busy enjoying the food, I heard one of the moms say to her 8 year old daughter “Don’t eat too much otherwise you will get fat”.

After listening to that remark, I started thinking how we as parents give this wrong message to our daughters “Skinny is good” from a very early age. This does not mean that we are promoting eating-disorder in our children. But somehow I feel that we are planting the seed of eating-disorder in our children from a very early age. As they grow older, they are getting the same message from the media, from their friends and ever so often from their parents themselves.

So now the question is how to change this perception, “SKINNY IS GOOD”.

These are the things we can do to stop that:

  1. Pay attention to the message you send to your child about appearance and weight.
  2. Make your home a place to learn healthy attitude about food and body image.
  3. Stop dieting; rather focus on eating and serving healthy food.
  4. It will be helpful to discourage your child from reading fashion magazines or other media those portrait underweight women as being glamorous.

Statistics have shown that one in 10 girls has an eating-disorder. What causes eating disorder is not very well known, but emotional and social interactions (including media) play a big role in leading to eating-disorder. So as a parent it is our responsibility to give our children the sense of worth and confidence about themselves by promoting healthy eating habits.

Reena SharmaRenna Sharma is our double threat, able to work in Kansas & Missouri!  She is focusing her talents on our adolescent clientele, with particular emphasis on body image.  In fact, she even has a special group for young ladies that is just about to start.  To learn more about this service to an impressionable audience call our office at (816) 237-1820.  To learn more about Reena, click on her image!