Duke Worthington

DukeDuke Worthington

From Army Sargent and PT Instructor, to businessman, General Manager, Entrepreneur and Author, Duke has amassed great experience, stories and passion for life. As a professional speaker for 20 years and over a decade as a personal coach, he brings  knowledge, wisdom and insight to clients’ lives. If you want to create amazing relationships, learn to be truly present, and show up more powerfully in everything you do, Duke is the coach!


Duke Worthington will help you find personal & professional alignment and focus. Live a more authentic life by committing to, and connecting with, what matters most to you!

You will leave his coaching with:

  • A greater capacity to be present.
  • A clear mind and a new focus.
  • Less frustration and more understanding.

Become more peaceful and experience more joy in everyday life. You are in charge. It’s time to create your world from the inside out – not the other way around.