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Don’t be Customer Centric…it will kill your business!

For many years now, I have been a believer that a business should be customer centric.  Whilst sitting and having my coffee this morning, it occurred to me, “That’s wrong!”  Your customer should not be at the center of your business.  Your purpose, your passion, your driving force and your values should be at the center of your business.  If you customer is your center, apple cores,apples,food,fruits,nature,photographsthen you will make decisions that make them happy, but may not be the best thing for them and for your business.

So what should be your centric? Your Core.  Your Core is why you exist.  It is your primary values.  It is your purpose, your passion, your cause.  Stay true to your cause, to your CORE and your customers will always win in the long run.  Don’t be customer centric, be CORE centric.

Focus on them, you may make them happy in the short term.  Focus on your CORE, you make the right customers happy for the long haul.  Exhibit A, Apple.  Steve Jobs was great at following his CORE (CORE, Apple, I sense a theme here!).  He knew what his passion was and why Apple existed.  He stayed true to that vision, to that focus and as a result, built a world changing organization.  Steve Jobs NEVER focused on his customer and what they wanted.  He focused on what his passion was and WHY he was doing what he was doing.  That allowed him to go beyond the walls of pleasing the customer today…to think beyond those walls and come up with things the customer had never even thought about so that they would be CHANGED tomorrow.  Jobs was CORE centric, not CUSTOMER centric.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Now, go and change the world.