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Do You Have a Purpose?

Purpose: The real reason why you want, what you want.

Another year has come and gone and with it goes many of our dreams, hopes and desires for a better life. In today’s consumer-driven society, most people equate how much money they have made with how successful they are. Unfortunately, when we base our self worth on physical materials we forget to enjoy—and sometimes even notice–the moments that were truly life changing.

“Great minds have purpose, little minds have wishes.”

Washington Irving

Your real purpose is your true reason for being on earth. Your real purpose is always something that is BIGGER than you. Contrary to popular thought, purpose is not what you do; it is the result of what you do. For example, a teacher’s true purpose might be to inspire her students. She does that through her everyday activities: setting an example, instructing, disciplining, encouraging, coddling, and comforting. Twenty years down the road, a student probably won’t remember every word that teacher uttered, but he or she will remember that it was that teacher who truly inspired her to reach her own goals, be it teacher, lawyer, writer or mother. For the teacher, true purpose is the satisfaction and fulfillment she feels when she sees the impact that she has had on others and the world.

Living Intentionally

A life with purpose is a life filled with deliberate—and sometimes “small”–actions. When living a purposeful life, tasks that you previously did just to get done take on a new and meaningful role in your life. Accomplishments take on a different meaning when we are living on purpose because each becomes an irreplaceable puzzle piece that eventually will contribute to and eventually complete your true life purpose.

Purpose is always the driving force that fuels why you do what you do. To really live a life on purpose, you first need to create your vision. Vision is what you do to accomplish your purpose. Your vision is a vivid description of all the behaviors that you would be doing if you live a life with purpose. An example may be:

Purpose – To empower others into a greater experience of life through spirituality.

Vision – I will teach Sunday school. I will go on a mission and assist in spiritual education in a 3rd world continent. I will attend bible study one time a week. I will volunteer at my church.

Becoming consciously aware of your purpose allows you to implement your vision and move forward with determination and focus. After all, if you don’t know where you want to be you will never know when you get there! When you truly live on purpose you are constantly filling your life with true happiness. This really is not an option….we all need a sense of purpose. After all, isn’t that why were here?