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Client Success Story

Recently a client was searching for a new job. (Even if you’re not looking for a job read on – there’s something for you, too!) She’d had a lot of activity – networking, interviews, resume sending, phone interviews, informational interviews, etc. – but wasn’t finding anything she truly liked. She’d had a couple offers, but none that she felt comfortable with. She was filled with indecision, discomfort, unsure-edness (I know, it’s not a word), anxiety, stress, perplexity…
We spent a few sessions building a Life Purpose Statement and clarifying her Core Values. Armed with these new “tools”, she was able to make a decision within a couple days, take the right job and has since been going gangbusters! What made the difference?

Two things made all the difference in her decision. First, comprehending her life’s purpose allowed her to understand how one of the positions absolutely was NOT a stepping stone to her desired future and how one position absolutely WAS that stepping stone. One other job in the mix was neutral, so she punted.

Second, by understanding her core values – those principles which are indisputable as to how to live your life – she was able to ask questions of her perspective employers and decide if their cultures aligned with her values. One of the positions was a total mismatch (even though the money and prestige were appealing), while the other two were more aligned.

By factoring in more than just pay and benefits, she was able to find a job that is a step in the right direction and allows her to be honest and natural, not having to “check her values at the door” every day.

In all our lives, in almost every decision we make, these same lessons hold true: When you know where you’re going and you know who you are, making decisions on how to get there and what you’ll say and do become very straightforward.

  1. Ridwan

    I think it’s the most powerful first step to total tmoasforratinn the AWARENESS that the programs and beliefs created out of a lifetime of self talk, teacher talk, parent talk, preacher talk, etc. is what’s driving the bus of your life.Then the AWARENESS that they are merely neural circuits in your brain that can be released and rewired is amazingly powerful. But with great power and knowledge comes great responsibility. Thanks for the comment, Beth. Good to hear from you again!

  2. Suellen Ryken
    Suellen Ryken09-19-2012

    I hope this working..