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Recognizing Joy

Joy – For some of us this is an emotion that seems to skip over us and land in the hearts of children and other people. “Joy?” you might say. “Really? You think with all I have to do, all I have to be worried about, all the stuff in my life – you expect me to walk around with …

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Low Self Esteem Leads to Addiction in Adolescents

I have been in this profession for few years. The majority of my clients were/are teenagers and struggling with chemical addiction and unfortunately most of them also have low self-esteem. Research has also shown that poor self-esteem is one of the several factors that can lead to substance abuse in Adolescents. So now the question is, why do our children …

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Recovery As A Way Of Life

“Change is hard.” It’s something that we’ve all heard many times. I used to push back on that statement and say, “Change isn’t necessarily hard, it’s just different.”   For many people who struggle with addiction – alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex, or other addictions – their addiction becomes a way of life. In therapy we often talk about “the …

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