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Client Success Story

Recently a client was searching for a new job. (Even if you’re not looking for a job read on – there’s something for you, too!) She’d had a lot of activity – networking, interviews, resume sending, phone interviews, informational interviews, etc. – but wasn’t finding anything she truly liked. She’d had a couple offers, but none that she felt comfortable …

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A success story that rocked my world

“I had fun, got my best time ever and finished second place in the state cross country meet. I now have 3 colleges recruiting me.” A success story that rocked my world. I was approached by a young lady about two months ago that was struggling from severe anxiety related to the pressure she was feeling to impress her coach, …

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Insperity = Inspiring business performance. The first time I met with Doug Delisser he told me that his number one goal at Insperity was to help businesses be more successful. I don’t believe that I have ever met anyone who is more true to his word. Insperity has a variety of tools and services that increase the strategic roles people …

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Ann Butenas

Ann Butenas is an author of the brand new book, “Koraspondence: Living Life to the Letter”. Ann began her professional writing career at age 12 and began speaking while in college. Her most recent engagement was met with grand applause as she delighted the crowds at the 17th Annual Big Bob’s Flooring of America Convention in Tennessee. She has been …

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