About Nothing By Chance Coaching and Counseling

Our tagline says it all, “Where People Find Success”.  What success is and how it is defined, is your call.  Our coaching and counseling process is in part, what separates us from everyone else.

Our method is unique.  It starts before you even are aware of us, and begins with the talent that we have collected.  We approach the best, we reward the best, and we develop them to be even better.  We put them in an environment where the rest of the TEAM, holds them to be equally talented and we demand the very best of each other.  We do this so that we are CONFIDENT that our client, EVERY CLIENT will be well cared for by ANY COACH.

When you arrive, you will notice another step in our methodology, that is our intake process.  Where many coaching practices want to know if you can pay, and if you can then you are ready for them to “do their magic”, we take a different approach.  Like most of us who have visited a physicians office, we ask you to start by telling us why you are here.  ”What hurts?”  ”What do you want, better?”  Then you will visit with one of our coaches, while we determine IF we can help, and if we can, which coach here is best qualified to get you the results you deserve.  That visit, will result in a “Client Care Plan”, your CCP is our road map to helping you get where you want.  It also allows us to see a set of milestones for us to periodically review how we are doing.  If one of us is unhappy with where we are headed, it gives us opportunity to get us back on our track, before we fall to far.

Inside of this “CCP” you will find any combination of the following:

  • One on One Coaching Sessions – Individual meetings with one of our coaches where you are able to privately discuss whatever issues are confronting you, and keeping you from finding your definition of success.
  • Workshops – Topic driven meetings where many people can attend in a single event, anywhere from 60 minutes to a full day.  The people in the room, are interested in the exact same issue that brings you to the workshop, and you will learn both from the facilitator as well as from the others who share your concerns!
  • Programs – These are events, which are recurring in nature, and while all of the people share your interest in the topic, the faces may change slightly due to them being held either weekly, or monthly over a window of time.  Like our workshops, you will benefit from both our coach and the other participants!
  • Tools – Nothing By Chance offers a wealth of additional information and assistance via our website and our store.  You will find books, CD’s, software solutions, workbooks and online only offerings to help you find your success!

It is this combination of approaches that help us discover the best way to encourage you on your journey.  Because different people learn differently, and because any one coach can not be all things to all people, we put you with the very best talent available for your unique set of needs.  Because each of us is bound by the same standards of care, we have the ability to bring another coach to you, should it become necessary.  This means you get the very best of any of us that you need!

Our TEAM collaborates on your behalf to find you the perfect mix of talent, and communication styles to urge you along your way.  All with one goal in mind – TO HELP YOU FIND YOUR SUCCESS!