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A success story that rocked my world

“I had fun, got my best time ever and finished second place in the state cross country meet. I now have 3 colleges recruiting me.”

A success story that rocked my world. I was approached by a young lady about two months ago that was struggling from severe anxiety related to the pressure she was feeling to impress her coach, teammates, parents and the entire small town in general. She was completely overwhelmed by all the pressure as well as her belief that her only hope of going to college rested on her performance at state.

During our sessions she started to put her “need to please” into a healthier perspective. She realized that she was not having fun because of all the pressure she was putting on herself and she had been competing for all the wrong reasons.

Throughout the process of coaching this young lady I saw a complete transformation of her attitude. She began looking forward to practice and having fun with her teammates. She stopped worrying about the outcome and started to enjoy the process of competing for herself.

When winning came second to having fun she was able to compete at a level that she would have never been able to reach with all the pressure she put on herself. Wether she wins or loses, she has accomplished one of the major hurdles in life.

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