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50 Ways To Love Yourself Better!

  1. I love meSpend some time alone this coming week. I implore you to do this, even if you have to cancel a social outing in order to make it happen. Learning to get comfortable with who we are is one of the most crucial parts of self-love!
      1. At first, spending this time by yourself may feel uncomfortable & awkward. The feeling of discomfort will go away. Even better, as you do this more often, you will realize how essential this time is for building up your own sense of self, & you will grow to love & relish it!
  2. Talk to your higher power out loud.
  3. Examine the feeling of not being good enough and the reasons you struggle to love yourself and replace them with a sense of wonder and ease.
  4. Journal. Write about something/anything for 10 minutes without stopping.
  5. Tell the truth. You are enough without needing to impress others!
  6. Make a covenant (high level commitment) to ask yourself often, “What do I want?”
  7. Create a long list of all the things you do well and read it to yourself often.
  8. Lift your head up as you walk – and SMILE as you go!
  9. Laugh out loud!
  10. Be yourself. When you put on a mask you are lying to you.
  11. Give compliments. Give time. Give money. And give unconditional LOVE.
  12. Say “NO”.
  13. Listen to your favorite music. LOUD! Without worrying about what others think.
  14. Make a list of all the things you’re grateful for about Who You Are.
  15. Every night before bed list the ways you helped others.
  16. Stand naked in front of the mirror and make peace with the physical body that houses Who You Really Are.
  17. List 3 reasons why your hardest challenges or worst mistakes or most unloved qualities are results of your past and they can be changed.
  18. Ask yourself for forgiveness for your sins.
  19. Treat yourself as nice and respectful as you would treat a friend.
  20. Tell others what you love about you.
  21. Get rid of dead weight. People that don’t bring you up, bring you down.
  22. STOP doing exercise that doesn’t make you smile or laugh! Go roller skating or dancing or biking!
  23. Chew your food slowly, savor each flavor and focus on the nourishment you’re offering yourself.
  24. Allow yourself time to “do nothing”.
  25. Stop making excuses dammit!
  26. If you’re not feeling “good” when someone asks how you are, give yourself permission to be authentic.
  27. Spend lots of time in meditation or prayer or stillness.
  28. Eat when you’re hungry. Rest when you’re tired. Tell the world your needs matter by making them a priority over the dishes or the laundry.
  29. Surround yourself with tribes of amazing people who will remind you of Who You Are when you forget about the ways to love yourself.
  30. Throw your head back and laugh out loud!
  31. Understand how it is you learned to not love yourself so you don’t pass it on to your children.
  32. Give yourself permission to sob when your heart is hurting.
  33. Write down 5 ways to love yourself each morning before you even start your day.
  34. Commit to only using positive words to describe yourself…instead of “I don’t know how” say “I’ve yet to learn that”. “I screwed that up” becomes “I learned some really good things here.” I’m serious, try it.
  35. Replace “have to” with “get to” and begin to see that life is always an opportunity for you to show off your prowess.
  36. Create a list of people you deeply admire and why. Then remember that you can only admire in others what your heart calls it’s own Truth. Stand in that Truth and be what you admire.
  37. Stop calling yourself “lazy” or “stupid” and replace it with a compassionate description of Who You Are
  38. Buy or gather your favorite flowers, and write yourself a love note to go with it.
  39. Make yourself a yummy meal or take yourself out to dinner to eat in the peaceful company of YOU.
  40. Choose to be in a relationship with your life and experiences.
  41. Give love to others, not because of who they are, but because of Who You Are.
  42. Schedule your own spa day and pamper yourself. Include the kids! Or the partner! Or your best girlfriends!
  43. Let your toes loose and go outside (or even to the store) barefoot and free.
  44. Replace one food that makes you feel bad with one yummy food that makes you feel great.
  45. Give yourself permission to say no to the things that make you unhappy and yes to the things you’d rather do instead.
  46. Make one small space in your home a reflection of Who You Are – ditch what you don’t love or use often, paint the walls, bring in a comfy place to sit, light your candles, pile up your journal, books and art supplies, listen to inspiring music and dwell there often.
  47. Write yourself a love letter. And frame that bad boy. Look at it anytime you need to remember how beautiful you are.
    1. When you know you will be faced with having to make a decision, instead of lamenting about it saying, “What should I do?”, say “I wonder what (your name) is going to do?”
    2. When you say, “I wonder what Jeff is going to do,” from an observer vantage point rather than the decision maker view, you distance yourself from the drama.
  48. Eat ice-cream without feeling guilty.
  49. Do something that you love to do but you are really bad at.
  50. Slow down.