Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2011’

Time Management

The 4 Quadrant Model Many people struggle to manage their time. Although there are no magic pills and you can’t get more than 168 hours in a week, there is an approach to managing your time that allows you to “find” more time in your day. Over the next 3 columns, we’ll explore proven techniques that allow you to do …

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Learn to Listen… Then Speak

In many cases what customers need is someone who will listen to their needs rather than someone who will tell them what they ought to do or buy. The old familiar verse poses a very real question; it says: A wise old owl Sat up in an oak The more he saw The less he spoke, The less he spoke The …

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Speaking & Listening

Nothing By Chance is preparing to offer an amazing summer series on parenting. If you ever shake your head and ask yourself, “What did I do wrong?” or, “How do I get them to….?” or maybe you are like me and you just want to be the best parent you can possibly be to your child; then this series is something …

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Are You a Savvy Networker?

It’s pleasing to hear that many people are now recognizing the importance of building and nurturing their networks not only when actively seeking new job opportunities, but as a long-term and integral career management strategy. Your contact list (your ‘circle of influence’ as I like to call it) is worth far more than gold and should be treated as such. …

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