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Fighting For Control

As the holidays were approaching, I was driving home at 8pm with my daughter when she says, “Mom, can I watch a movie when we get home?” I responded by telling her it was time for her to be in bed and there would not be time for her to watch a movie tonight. She then said, “I can watch …

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Welcome Dan Gabbert

With over 20 successful years in corporate America, including multiple roles with AT&T, Texas Instruments, IBM, and others, Dan Gabbert left the world of high-tech sales to follow his passion – coaching. Dan’s background includes building, designing and leading teams; launching new products and territories; fourteen years of successful sales and sales management; and negotiations with over 100 public and private sector organizations in the …

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Success Comes In Cans

The 2011 March Madness is giving us a few unwanted surprises to say the least. We saw all # 1 seeds go down in defeat. It was a disappointment, if not a heartbreak, to many I am sure. Just because KU came up short of playing in the final four, do we call them losers? ABSOLUTELY NOT. No one likes to lose. But …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Read Newsletters!

Maybe not the most timely or well-placed article, but nonetheless, one that has value. Like many of you, I am a continual learner. I love to learn new things and apply them to my life and while reading newsletters sometimes contain valuable tidbits of information, they rarely give you the depth on a subject that is going to be a true benefit to …

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