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18 Buckets of Money: Event Marketing

Buckets of Money

For many people, once they launch a website, they do so thinking that “Ok, now the money will just come rolling in.” Depending upon the business, they may just do very well. But, having spent the best part of the last 20 years working with websites, I can tell you that more often than not, it takes a bit of time. Unfortunately, for many businesses (web or otherwise) the number one reason for failure is under-capitalization. Thus, making money right off the bat serves the long term vision of the business best of all. Because I wanted my customers to do well (and therefore be able to pay their bill), I looked for ways to create alternative revenue streams, while the core business would grow in the time they needed. Over a period of time, I was able to discover eighteen of what became known as the “Buckets of Money”. This is column fourteen in an eighteen column series… so with that said, on with the show.

In the real world, most of us tend to do business with people face-to-face. We actually enjoying “pressing the flesh” as it were. Due to these facts, you probably have a presence where people get to meet you or those in your company. How about extending that reach? Not only can more of these opportunities result in business for you, but you can actually find another bucket of money!

  1. Ad Hoc Events – These would be events that you put on only one time, most often due to a special set of circumstances. For example, if you are a bank, and there are new tax laws that you want to let your customers know about. Hold an event! Then arrange for some “partners” to help defray the cost who also have information to share!
  2. Recurring Events – Perhaps something like a quarterly “Customer Appreciation” party. Again, find a partner who wants to share in the information flow and the costs. Enough of these types of partners, and you have an event that not only costs you nothing, but you can actually make a profit!
  3. Specific Conferences – Bring together a larger audience. Think about a conference where Accountants can earn a CEU credit. You put it all together, line up the other partners and again, you win, no matter what happens!

With these tools at your disposal, you have no reason to not capitalize while compounding your interaction with the people who make your audience. There can be no losing in that environment, and with these tips, you have opportunity to make for some major wins!

Stay tuned, the next time we are together, we will get to a look into Data Mining!

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